Why Everybody Enjoys a Photo Booth-- Particularly Children!|Photobooth Rentals from Wemember Limited
2021-11-15 22:45:27

Marriage ceremonies are generally an inter-generational event. From great grandparents to grandparents and down to the flower girls, to the ring bearer.

It is a grouping of all the people who play a role in your life – people of various ages.


Interestingly, there are several inter-generational attractions to a wedding event. From amazing food, crazy dancing, and ultimately the photo booth.



Everyone loves photo booths…But, there’s one group of humans who love it even more. They are kids!

They always can’t wait to take off the curtain in their little cozy space, press the big photo button, make some outrageous faces for the camera and wait for the booth to magically take their photos in strips!



At Wemember Limited, we recommend full usage of the photo booths. We want our guests to use it as many times as they want. Most of our youngest guests usually go home with a heavy load of photos.

However, we also have a great way to ensure that nobody (of any age) takes over the whole photo booth.

Find below some of our favourite children photos taken at a few recent wedding events in Hong Kong.