Wemember Photo Booth: A Never Before Experienced Photo Booth
2023-01-15 12:41:42

We are a photo-loving society. Truly, this is not any news.


We are not taking the lid off anything here. It is just the truth of life we have to deal with.


And frankly, while most of the times, the selfies, the food shots at a restaurant and other Instagrammers can be a bit much, there’s still something great about a photo… Especially about its ability to record one moment at a time.


But, a photo is stationary. It only lives on your phone or gets hanged on your wall as a frame and pushes you to imagine what exactly happened in that particular moment.


But this shouldn’t happen anymore. The period of 3D photography has arrived. It is very incredible too!

The first experience of a 360-degree photo booth was first experienced at W and S Open.


It was a fun experience such that we were made to track down the owner of the said booth and forced him to take pictures of us at least 20 times.


This is what ensued….


So What at all is a 360-degree Photobooth?


It is a very portable studio made up of 360 digital cameras that are attached to a circular rig.

The guest steps into the middle of the studio and strikes a pose for the camera.


When a  photo is taken, it is captured from all angles and the studio software is capable of compiling this into a movie, showing you in 360 degrees.


What Else Can Be Done With This?


To be honest, you can take a photo with that 360 degrees camera and feed it into special software that can create a digital scale model in 3D.


That model is converted through 3D printing methods to produce an actual physical image.


Is it awesome as it seems?


Frankly, it is more than awesome.


But wait a second, this technology reminds me of a movie that features Keanu Reeves.

Of course, it is completely like what you’ve seen in the Matrix.


Are you willing to try this now?


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