The Key To Optimizing Photo Booth Fun At Your Event – From Our View Point
2021-12-01 22:46:13

Photo booths in Hong Kong and around the globe have come to be a wonderful means to perk up any type of occasion.

However, most customers are unable to effectively take advantage of how convenient the photo booth can be at enhancing their parties.

A few tips are listed below.


Are You the Washroom Assistant?

Photo booths can keep your special moments for many years to come. But, this only happens if your guests use it.

If you place your photo booth around an edge far from where the action is taking place, anticipate your scrapbook to be vacant.


Fantastic Positioning

In recent times, many event hosts have changed from using the traditional guest book to using a photo book, which is a great way to put some cute faces to the names.

But, just as your guest book is not very traditional, your positioning doesn’t have to be in a traditional place at the entrance of the party too.

Be informed that your guests haven’t had the chance to sit and relax yet. So, taking a photo at that point is like putting them on the spot.

Taking photos with a photo booth is a wonderful thing that should happen at the moment and so it must come with fun.


Lights, Cam, Activity!

Lights are vital.

Get your photo booth company informed about the light situation at your event beforehand.

Will there be overhanging lights? Is it a nightclub event?

A lot of high-end photo booths require detailed illumination to get the most effective photos for you.

Effectively speaking about the light changes will assist the photo booth manager to know exactly how to get the most effective photos throughout your event.


It remains in the fine details


The contract documentation may sound so fun, cool and simple such that you may want to just skim through the documents.

Apart from stating what is expected of you as the client, contracts associated with photo booths can vary in so many ways. They can bind you to some strange rules if you’re not careful.

Seek termination policies, alternatives for tools breakdown, & plans regarding illumination, outside use & kids.

An excellent photo booth will specify what they will offer and what is expected of you.




Magnetic Photo Booth Strips!

Everyone wants to host that party where you go home with your favourite party favour – memories!

Wemember Limited has all the tools and extras to make your event the special event you’ve always dreamt of.


Our firm gives you countless ways to guarantee that your day is among those days. Some of them are:

  • Personalized image strips that pop
  • Image strip magnets
  • Custom-made hashtag printer to accumulate pictures from various visitors for display
  • Eco-friendly display backgrounds
  • Personalized scrapbooks
  • Personalized backgrounds
  • Individualized messages when visitors send out photos to their email or cellular phone
  • Custom-made props & themed cubicles


Great photo booths have lots of ways to tailor.

Constantly be sure to ask which of these can be made use of to incorporate perfectly into your occasion theme!