Photo Booth is Generally One Way Linyam Dental Care Is Promoting Oral Health Care
2022-03-15 22:51:20

Dentists are now inviting their patients to show off their best smiles in selfie photo booths, as parts of World Smile Month.

Photo booths are gradually becoming one of the simplest efforts being made by the Linyam Dental Care Office to encourage individuals to take proper care of their teeth.



Strike a pose:

Patients can make their choice from a wide range of photobooth props.

National smile month has been one of the UK’s biggest and long-running campaigns to improve good oral health.

The campaign organized by Oral Health Charity, the Oral Health Foundation hopes to raise awareness about some important health issues and make a progressive impact on the oral health of many people.



Along with the photo booth, the oral health care firm is handing out free oral treatment packs, consisting of egg timers, toothpaste and free suggestions.

The manager, Louise Butler has been pleased with the feedback provided. She mentioned that: “A few of the patients have been quite unwilling to use the photo booths at first but, going forward, they were delighted to join in. This is especially true when they realized that they could win a 50 Euros Marks & Spencer voucher. Children are most excited to use all the props too.”

Honestly, it’s not just patients who are striking their best poses.

Louise continued "Nobody has been excluded. Oral registered nurses, receptionists and all oral surgeons have taken their turns in the booth to practice what they keep preaching.

Annually, the project concentrates on 3 crucial messages, consisting of cleaning your teeth late at night and on a minimum of another one occasion with a fluoride toothpaste, reducing how often you take sugary food as well as seeing your dental expert consistently.

Louise said again: "Among the various other vital messages this year is ‘’increasing awareness concerning dental cavity in youngster; considering that current numbers have revealed that a variety of medical facility tooth removals for kids under 4 years has risen by about some 24 per cent in the last 10 years.

We have also been going to a few of the neighbourhood primary schools to aid enlighten them regarding excellent dental health and also to send out a great message."

Although the hospital constantly helps in promoting National Smile Month, it is the very first time that they have been actively involved.


"Dental caries is an all-round issue


Yet, we as an oral care company must do our bit to help with increasing knowledge of it, enlightening people and also stopping it from coming to be a bigger concern than it already is,” Louise said.

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