How To Publish Tattoos Of Your Instagram Photos With INK361’s Picattoo Service
2022-08-01 13:23:17

Instagram’s Internet User Interface Company, INK361 has invented a new service for the app’s photographers which permits them to produce temporary tattoos for their photos.


Once a user logs into Instagram through the Picattoo website, the user can then select up to 12 of their best images to have them converted into 3 X 3 cm square format prints on sheets of transferable materials.


The photos can then be applied to the skin for a tattoo effect which the company says can last for up to a week.

A Picattoo spokesperson told us that “our advice for getting the best looking tattoos is for the user to select photos that are not too ‘noisy’ since the tattoos are very tiny. Also, it is best for you to select photos that contrast with your complexion. That’s bright colours work well alongside photos that have a high contrast between the foreground and the background.”


The tattoos are organized into packs of 12 and cost around $14.99. To get more information, check out their website.


Are you ready to join the world where you get to wear a photo of yourself eating something delicious on your arm as a tattoo?


Well, we may not have the right answer to this. But we look forward to reading your comments below.