How To Market a Trade Show Booth With Social Media
2022-06-15 22:52:32

Using social media to increase traffic to your trade show booth is a wonderful option you should explore.


Having said that, it is necessary to identify that you must not be lazy.

Social media may look like an easy option, even though in some senses it is more efficient, it is also important to build business relations based on these platforms.

This is because face-to-face communication isn’t a trendy thing anymore. It is your business that goes a long way to ensure that you succeed in building these relationships.


The impact social media has had on trade shows attendance cannot be ignored. And frankly, your social media trade show promotions can largely improve traffic to your booth.


Do you want some more inspiration to get started with? Check out these wonderful and creative ideas for a trade show promotion in social media style:



  1. Countdowns


When working on the promotion of your event via social media, it is important that you should be consistent. Posting one photo or video will not suffice.


Try to publish a countdown every single day to your trade show. Begin at least some weeks or months earlier and try to increase the countdown as you get closer to the date.


When you use this countdown method, your posts will not be overly repetitive and you’ll be able to identify people who are interested in your event.


2.Short Meets.


Do you want to offer rewards to your followers while building a rapport with them?


Run an advert or a promotion for a meetup, also known as tweetup before your event. Send out several tweets before the event, informing your followers of the venue and time for the meetup.


Your fans will then see your planned tweetups on Twitter and those who attend will get some cool stuff to take away with them for attending the meeting.

Not just will this develop the in-person interaction with fans, however, it will certainly draw in a lot more fans that desire the gift!


3. Hashtags as well as Selfies


Come out with an original company hashtag for your event. Be fun, get innovative and try to get out-of-the-box ideas. You don’t want to use something that other companies can easily recreate.


By so doing, it’s easier for you to use your hashtag with full force.

Run an Insta-Constest:


Inform your guests to take selfies in front of your organization’s booth with your special hashtag in the caption and publish it on Instagram.


Anyone who posts the photos on the platform automatically enters a draw to win a prize.


When it comes to events such as trade shows, it’s necessary to be amiable and relatable. The ideas that generate the greatest responses are creative and often emphasize their followers.