How to Make Your Wedding Truly Unforgettable
2023-02-15 16:24:09

Still searching for a photo booth near me?

I bet, by the end of this post, you’d have discovered everything you need to know about digital photo booths so you can make your wedding unforgettable.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

What Your Typical Wedding Day Looks

As couples, your wedding day is the busiest. As you celebrate your marriage, your guests join to celebrate with you.

But more often than not, you pay little attention to their satisfaction.

For instance, at your wedding event, you may be able to take care both eldery and children.

As a result , the eldery and children usually feel bored at your wedding event.

I don’t think you’d want to get people at your wedding right?

To ensure that all your guests are fully happy and celebrating with you on this your special day, you must do this:

Rent a wedding photo booth.


How A Wedding Photo Booth Will Make Your Day Unforgettable

Never miss any beautiful moment of your wedding day!

Let your guests capture and share their new joy with family and friends in a fun and interactive way.


We provide a fully flagged full definition wedding photo booth for hiring no matter where your wedding is within Hong Kong.


Here’s Why You Should Rent A Photo Booth For Your Wedding

1.With our photo booths, you can personalize your frames and messages using over 180Plus built-in workflow presets.

2.Your and guests can take advantage of the 450Plus photo layout designs shoot pictures like pro.

3.Love to welcome your guests beforehand? Record your own welcoming video and have it play seamlessly on our various innovative photo booths.

4.Make your guests feel welcomed with a new technology that creates lasting memories.


Photo Booths We Provide For Rent

If you were ever wondering about the kind of photo booths we have for rental, worry no more.

Here is the list of the photo booth we provide:


1.Mirror Plus 1 & 2: The Mirror Plus is equipped with over 24 innovative features to make your wedding exciting and take your event to the next level.

Just capture, record, customise, share and print the way you like it in super nice quality due to the advanced in built cameras


2.Instagram Plus: This is your most revolutionary social medi ready photo booth! Capture and print live instagram photos at events, promote your hashtag and give your guests a unique experience! Create a memorable event and increase engagement!


3.Mosaic Plus: Our Mosaic Plus package is one of our most popular services, and it gives guests at your event a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become part of something amazing.


Our photo mosaic wall will make sure your guests remember your big night – and that they’re all in it together. Close up? You’ll see individual photos. Far away? The bigger picture is revealed.


4.Video 360 Plus: This booth brings a breathtaking dimension to the conventional video booths.

It allows your event attendees to capture their unique experiences via full 360 degrees slow-motion videos. The feeling is always greater with a 360 slow-motion video.


How to Get Started

Now, having a revolution photo booth at your wedding is a must have.

Not only are you able to bring more fun to your guests, old and young, you’re also able to create unforgettable memories in the process.

All our photo booths come with flexible payments so you can easily afford.

Call us now at 9882-6678 to book or book online here