Great ideas and tips for taking great pictures with photo booths
2022-01-15 22:48:41

I won’t lie to you,it’s difficult to take photos of wiggly children.

In fact, if we should be completely honest with each other, we were sweating trying to take some fun photos of some kids.

Take note that I am a 47-year-old mom of young kids so sweating is a given.

The thing, however is that, most of us live to have fun. And we all want to capture life with laughter, smiles and joy. We try our best to enjoy all the good times along the way.

I too tend to go through eruptions when I try taking pictures but I try to take lots of photos with my beautiful children.

Yet, when you have youngsters, you need to be tactical without them recognizing it, when taking photos.

Actually, nearly every "postured" photo I have actually taken, I have a person sobbing or not extremely delighted.

However, taking real candids, or photos with props-- well, after everything, they turn out to be a great enjoyable time in advance.



Usher kids into the process of photo taking

Apart from the vacations, I’ll always suggest having the kids in comforting clothing or something they love.

My first kid loves to dress up, so dress up clothes is something he would die for.

The others, they don’t like that so much.

So if you dress them in something they like or they’re comfortable in, that’s one less trouble for you.



Enjoyable Photo Booth Suggestions with children in mind


I constantly let them talk with each other or regarding their props when I'm taking photos of them.

Yes, I presume I have actually educated them a little, since they understand to take a look at me, however I do welcome discussions in between them.

More laughs will happen if they talk with each other and be themselves.

I have never asked them to say “cheese”. I honestly just leave them to be themselves.

I do understand that a lot of you would possibly not side with me on this. However, if I’m outdoors or in a well-lighted room, I use my auto settings.

It performs marvellously for capturing wiggly kids.

Also, I reward my kids with sugar. I cannot lie on this. But, it has to be at the end and hopefully coordinate with your photo props or the season in which you are.

Frankly, it works magic in about 10 minutes! Another thing is that I love a solid background when taking photo booth photographs.

I love the contrast of a solid background with some wonderful shiny clothes. It makes room for a great photo.

Last but not the least, you need to follow the direction of your kids.

Lots of things might happen. They are going to get away from where you want them to be. They will mess up the props before you can even take a photo. But, try not to lose your temper.

Because, losing your temper will disrupt the flow and niceness of taking natural photos.

I can’t explain to you the number of times I’ve had to be upset that something happened.

Looking back now, that should be the least of my problems.

I just want them to look happy and be full of life when they appear in the photos.

It does make all the difference in a wonderfully-looking photo.