A smart means to publish Instagram photos
2022-07-15 13:22:21

We kept asking people how to print Instagram photos all the time. But, of all the interesting ideas we’ve gotten before, most people have never been able to apply them aptly.


Here, we introduce you to Picattoo, a new digital service which is the mother company of INK361, a product that will turn your favourite Instagram photos into temporary tattoos.

Interesting, not so?


Go to their website now. Login with your Instagram credentials and select your 12 best photos. Then, they will do the rest for you.


I love the options available. They range from Classroom valentines, birthday party favours, or even a little surprise on your body for someone special.

Convert them into temporary tattoos.

transforms them right into short-term tattoos.

No matter where you choose to use them or put them, I can’t imagine a better way to show off your Instagram photos, without getting a permanent one inked on your arm.

You can get your personal Instagram Photo temporary tattoo at Picattoo. Worldwide delivery is free!